Saturday, 17 March 2007

Just Letting Life happen...

People who Inspire

I guess to be an artist, a sculptor, a crafter or any sort of creator you need to have a certain amount of trust, a bit of reckless faith and perhaps a somewhat Buddhist perspective on things. That something can come out of nothing and that everything will eventually go to nothing. That things are transcient and art is but putting temporal flesh on the every-changing flow of the spirit.
That's why when someone manages to capture the pose of a soul on canvas, film or clay, it delights your own soul and in an odd way comforts you. As if you belonged somewhere, where you don't have to explain yourself, prove your worth, fight for your rights. A very nice place.
Everytime I look at my pieces by a most generous & kind sculptor, Christa, I am transported into that marvelous place. Many have an old world feel about them and all have a certain weight that gives yo a feeling that they all know exactly where their place is in the world.
If you shake the pieces you will hear a little ringing. It is a small piece of clay that Christa leaves in each of them. A melodic reminder that all art keeps some spirit within it.
I'll let you see for yourselves. And if Christa feels so inclined, I hope she will add some comments on these pieces.

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marsha said...

Gorgeous ... I LOVE the first 2 especially ...