Sunday, 11 March 2007

Home & Back again

It's been some time since the girl's been back to Singapore since moving to Canada.
And she was a bit apprehensive.

With all the news I'd read on the Channel News Asia website (one no longer reads The Straits Times Online since they started charging. As if SPH hadn't made enough dosh selling their Times House site to Condo developers. They have to wring out what's left of an overseas Singaporean's pitiful non-taxed income to subscribe to their site).
I digress. From the stories of how quickly Singapore had changed in the past two years; with Vivo city coming up, the new developments in Marina South and the like, this girl was afraid that she'd not recognise her city anymore.

So it was gratifying that some things had remained where she had left them some 2 years ago. Thank god the good people at Hair Fair remained at The Adelphi and thank god Joo Hock still gave the best hair cut. The MRT still worked with economy & efficiency. There were no workers strike to impede a persons daily life. Everything chugged along at a pretty good clip. I pace I understood.

Also it was good that the 3Fs still remained, more or less how I'd left them. The Family were safe,healthy & busily happy (despite their complaints), the Friends were mainly still in S'pore and were all grappling with their learnings, their plans & their new additions....and the final F, so dear to a S'porean's soul, the Food still tasted the same. The quality of Tiong Bahru's Kampung Chai Tow Kueh was spot on. Altho I noticed that the size of their portions had shrunk. Must be the higher rent in the swanky, new, escalatored hawker centre.

I was really impressed with what was happening with Clarke Quay tho. It's a tiny step toward the "Singapore-Under-The- Climatically-Controlled-Dome" idea which I'm sure many sweltering S'poreans have proposed over kopi at the corner coffee shop. Very Star Trek.


marsha said...

Hi there, girlie! Welcome to blogland! This post about Clarke Quay sure does bring back loads of memories!!! And it sure invoked all my 5 senses enough to get them working overtime! Lovely blogsite!

Veron said...

Congrats on setting up blog! So exciting!! Great reading abt S'pore esp Star Trek Clarke Quay... must go check it out soon. Also, new Tiong Bahru hawker center, Vivocity...

Swee Lin said...

Wowee. Am so pleased and proud. Very nice. Looks like a lot of work. Crazy, we are learning bout the place we live in from you miles away. Life never ceases to amaze me.

Joo said...

hi, Chey,
just visited your blog. Wow, really nice and interesting blog, very reader friendly with lots of pics. What's etsy?