Friday, 20 April 2007

Joy of the Unexpected

Sometimes I wished I made jewelery. Like my Etsy friend Marsha has on her blog, the makings of a stunning red (OOAK) necklace. From start to finish. Pictures of every step looks as delicious as the next. All sparkly red & silver.
But instead, I'm making paper these days. Now that the weather is getting warmer, there is little demand for warm, funky scarves which is what I usually make.

The making of paper, especially from recycled paper, cannot be called a pretty or accurate process. What you put in isn't necessarily what you get out. A polite way to describe the somewhat messy process is that it's.....well...hmmmm...... organic? You're never quite sure of what you'll end up with when everything dries. While this makes things interesting, it is does leave the house scattered with stacks of 'experimental' papers.
For instance, I was recycling yellow pages the other day and had expected the finished paper to come out at least a tiny bit yellow, or olive green at least.
But no. I harvested sheets of stony bile grey. Sigh, not something you'd be writing your love letters on I'm afraid.

I do persevere, however. Yesterday I used basically white used printer paper blended with Lover's Rose Elixir tea (I work part-time in a tea shop & can get my hands on all sorts of exotic teas) that has rose petals, hibiscus and lime leaves. The mushy pulp smelt ambrosial (another benefit of making paper, the scent spa your nose gets) and the inclusions (technical term for the tea I added) gave such a cheerful pinky, purplish sprinkle to the mix.
And today, as I peel the newly dried papers from their couching sheets, I'm a happy girl!
The finished paper is in a couple of shades off white, which I guess the best you can expect without the use of bleach. And the inclusions are speckled snowflakes in the white.
All that's left now is to convert these sheets into note cards, envelopes & decorative paper for scrap-booking & other crafty projects. All of which will be sold sooner or later in Rumah Kampung, my Etsy store.


marsha said...

Thanks for featuring me in this post! Funny how I was thinking almost the same thing when I saw your handmade recycled note papers & envelope set ... "I wish I made other stuff too!" But hey, that's what Etsy's all about isn't it? Admiration for other artists' work and to gain inspiration and motivation from them! Looks like Etsy's achieving that over here eh? Viva la handmade!!!

ILMUZIMO said...

Well, one person's mess is another person's treasure! Looking at the types of paper you have churned out, I'd say you have enough variety to sell or donate to art educators for use in their class or studio. Annika's teacher thrives on these recyclables. Am sure you will find a home for them beautiful smelling and unique paper. Only wish I had the time to make paper and jewellery myself. Keep it up Marsha and Kampung Girl! Both of you are indeed an inspiration to me!

marsha said...

oh! this is wonderful! knowing that we're an inspiration to others sure does make one's day! that's such a wonderful compliment! =)

Anonymous said...

your creativity is inspiring. So I thought for yellow colour rather than yellow paper, what about using curcumma, you know the spice that is used with curry and make the rice yellow.
with love