Monday, 20 September 2010

My First Apple Harvest

Ok. There is no way to prepare a girl from Singapore for the sheer amazement of harvesting fruit from a tree in her own garden. I mean, with most Singaporeans living in flats, the best we can hope for is a few limes and a couple of chillies.
But here in Kampung Canada, on this little island called Salt Spring, I have two apple trees that I didn't plant or nurture that are bearing 40 to 50 apples just like that!
How fab is that? So, now I have to quickly brush up on all the apple-involved recipes I can find. Last week, I attempted an apple pie, and forgot to add the sugar to the dough till the last minute.
Suffice to say, the crust was, err, not very edible.

Still, there's always this week and some more apples to aid my journey to apple pie perfection. Fingers crossed.

Salt Spring is quite abundant with different types of apples which explains why we have a yearly Apple Festival on the island.
Looks to be a lovely country kampung sort of outing. Can't wait!


Helene said...

Oh you are really blessed with all these beautiful, fresh, organic apples given to you by the person who planted the trees long ago! If your friends want to visit Salt Spring for the Apple Festival, there is more info here:

Kampung Girl said...

You said it Helene! I am grateful to the one who planted these trees. Thanks for the info on the festival:) I've added it as a link on the blog.