Saturday, 9 February 2008

It Suites Me Just Fine.

Have you noticed how really well made men's suits are? Good suits have the best fabric and the stitching is sturdy & for the most part hidden. Ergo, this new line of cozies & bags I've affectionately dubbed
The Recycled Suits.

In the total other extreme of my pendulum swing from femminine, lush, shiny & silky taffetas, I've fallen for rough, muted, understated and stiff woolens & linens with the drama of a avalanche falling into a still lake.

What I love about this range is that it reinvents & reuses 2nd hand but thoroughly cleaned jackets that might have otherwise have gone to a landfill where it'll take up space to degrade over tens of years.
So not only will they be well made, but the bags & cozies will also be eco-friendly.
The thought of which always warms the cockles of my heart.

And, for my first offering - cool & dapper iPod cozies. The first three have just been listed on Etsy and have names befitting the type of jacket they were made from. There's urbane Mortimer, outdoorsy Fitzwillie and hunky Ken. The guys started out life as part of dishy double breasted suits. The left cuff of which morphed into the snug little cozies. In the spirit of reusing, I try to keep their original buttons and lining. They've been made tight and will snuggle most generations of iPods and many mobile phones, but was made specifically for the classic video iPod.

There are so many ideas fighting for attention in my brain right now for bag designs, I cannot begin to tell you. All are exciting and I cannot wait to get them out of my mind and into my hands...... Stay tuned to see which ones win.


Kathleen said...

Love what you have done with the suiting. Hope your brain can take all those ideas being in there at once!

Kampung Girl said...

Thanye, thankye, Kathleen. My brain is happy churning around new ideas. It keeps me feeling alive....
And these are what they made manifest so far

moodytwoshoes said...

Hi there!!! It was great meeting you in Singapore, and discussing ideas! Hope to get in contact with you soon to exchange more ideas and thoughts! San San

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

So many uses for those cute little I don't have an iPod! :)

andrea said...

I just got one of the bags for my birthday from a friend. Love it! Beautifully made and so original!

Anonymous said...

I have used recycled suits & skirts for making quilts. I too love the quality fabrics and subtle patterns. Love your bags!