Saturday, 22 December 2007


Oh so many years ago, a good friend sent me this for Christmas.
In the intervening years, life pulled us down separate and diverging paths.
Into different countries, vocations and beliefs. Still, this anonymous poem stayed with me. Accompanying me through the dark anguish and the giddying highs.
I guess maybe the meaning that Christmas held for us when we were young still holds as we move into the second half of our lives.

This one's for Adrian and for all who look for a little meaning beneath the glitter, the commercialisation and those ghastly repeating pop carols.

A Very Merry Christmas One and All.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely stupendous blog. Loved every minute of it.......from the start to finish in one sitting. Hope you are now making money off it as you truly deserve to.
I am also somewhat of an artisan,self taught......isn't it fun?
I will be giving a few people your blog name and etsy name; would you like me to put you down on my soon to be organized blog link on my home page...please say yes!!!
Best regards, Kathleen.